“Science, freedom, beauty, adventure: what more could you ask of life?”
— Charles A. Lindbergh

From the Garage…

It gains further compaction by abandoning symmetry.  This reduces the number of wing panels and adds  significantly to the flying strength.  
These two features together combine to provide a wing structure of respectable strength, rated for 6g’s.
The novel styling will surely make heads turn. 
Strength    –    compaction    –    versatility    –     style
All the comforts of your own space wherever you go. 

A novel new design
…No its not another quad copter
…No its not another folding wing design
Its a remarkable new super efficient ‘flying car’ that embraces all of the characteristics of FLYING and of a CAR
It has wings and powerplant to fly long distances
And yet converts in a few moments into an efficient light weight electric car
A car that is no different in size than your other traditional cars and fits comfortably in your garage
The BIG and the SMALL.      The Ultimate Freedom Machine!
How does it achieve such a radical transformation?
It uses a novel approach of treating the wings as several panels that fit inside other wing panels, which in turn fit inside the fuselage.  This affords the design large wings with high load carrying capacity,  that can be collapsed into a tight package that smartly fits inside the fuselage,  for you to drive home.

… To the Road …

… To the Air


VTOL Option